Anton Klappe
Bevrijdingsweg 3
8051EN Hattem
+31 630 911 231

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trade register number 53467337
EORI number NL9289790045

IBAN NL65RABO 0162669437

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vintage guitars and guitar playing have been my passion for over 40 years, and in 2010 I found myself owning many vintage guitars and amps, but playing only a few of them. So I started a one-man guitar trading business, aiming at buying (predominant-ly in the US), restoring (by luthiers in the Netherlands) and selling (predominantly in Germany) vintage guitars and amps. I focus on vintage colorful Italian (surf) guitars such as Wandre,  Meazzi and Eko. In addition, I write & publish booklets about vintage guitars and related.


As I do not do this for a living or for the money, I am satisfied with a small profit that supports continuation of this business. My primary goal is to keep customers satisfied.